Nice to meet you!

Greetings! I'm Shannon, a self-taught photographer specializing in captivating portraits and enchanting equine photography, proudly based amidst the picturesque landscapes of Charlottesville, VA.

In addition to my photographic endeavors, I am also an early childhood educator and a lifelong equestrian.

My artistic journey is fueled by a profound admiration for the unique character and beauty found in every subject I photograph. Whether capturing the soulful gaze of a cherished friend or the dynamic energy of a spirited horse, I aim to immortalize moments that speak volumes through visual storytelling.

Approachable and down-to-earth, I infuse my sessions with a blend of professionalism and warmth. I believe that the best moments are often found when we're not taking ourselves too seriously, allowing laughter and spontaneity to guide our shoots.

Curious to learn more about my background and approach? Scroll down to dive deeper into the narrative behind my lens.

“A photograph keeps a moment from running away.”

a photo should tell a story

As a young child I found solace in storytelling through words and illustrations, yet the images on paper never quite mirrored the vivid scenes dancing in my mind. It wasn't until middle school, when I first held my mother's DSLR in hand, that I felt the spark of true connection with visual art. Later, in my high school photography class, my father's vintage SLR became my trusted companion, unlocking a world of creative possibilities and igniting a lifelong passion.

Throughout my high school years, the camera became an extension of myself, a constant companion capturing the vibrant tapestry of life. Whether at horse shows or amidst the camaraderie of the barn with friends, my lens sought not just perfection in form, but the raw emotion and fleeting moments that defined the human-animal bond. While adept at freezing the apex of a horse's jump, it was the narratives unfolding behind the scenes that truly stirred my soul – the quiet triumphs, tender connections, and unspoken bonds forged through dedication and love.

Though my days in the saddle have become fewer, my fervor for storytelling remains undiminished. Transitioning to working with families and couples, I've discovered a new canvas for my craft, one brimming with the tender moments and shared joys that make life truly meaningful. While I'll guide you through a few posed shots, my true passion lies in capturing the authentic, unscripted moments – the laughter shared over shared memories, the awe of witnessing milestones, and the simple joy of togetherness against a backdrop of life's breathtaking vistas.

As an early childhood educator, I cherish the magic of childhood experiences and hold deep reverence for the boundless potential of every child. Through my lens, I seek to preserve the purity of childhood wonder, crafting timeless memories that encapsulate the essence of each fleeting moment. Beyond childhood, I stand ready to document your journey through life's milestones – from new beginnings to joyous celebrations, each chapter a new reflection to the richness of human experience.

Together, let's make memories that will last a lifetime, capturing the beauty and brilliance of your story, one frame at a time.